Oliver Leeder

Louise Leeder

Sometimes I receive comments that working side by side with my Husband must be quite stressful and that many people would not be able to cope with this arrangement.  I think it helps that Oliver and I were working together when we first met.  This feels like such a natural progression to now be running our own company together.

I have enjoyed my work fitting in around my home life and in the way it has allowed me to manage my time more creatively, adding to a good family/work life balance.  

I was born into an East London council housing estate where I spent my early years.  I moved to the Suffolk countryside around 2005, and it was my love of nature and feeling drawn to the beautiful Suffolk nature reserves, wildlife and greenery which had a great bearing on this choice. 
I have taken steps to elevate my life and have sought out further educational development which combined with a little hard work has allowed us to achieve and maintain our good values and standards.