£11,500 (£11,000)

£0 - £33,500 (£32,000)

£33,501 - £150,000

(£32,001 - £150,000)

> £150,000











Earnings  £157 - £866 pw (£155 - £827)

Earnings > £866 pw (£827)

Er 13.8%

£2.85 pw (£2.80 pw)

£8,164 - £45,000 (£43,000)

>  £45,000 (£43,000)


19% (20% Financial year to 31/3/17)



£0.45 per mile

£0.25 per mile





Self assessment tax returns:

Whether you have a large property portfolio that requires computing any capital gains etc, or a tax relief to claim through the self assessment tax return, we will be able to help.  Getting your tax affairs straight with HMRC can be a daunting task.  We can take this pressure away, giving you the peace of mind that matters will be completed accurately and before the deadline. 

Year end accounts:

We are able to prepare your year end accounts in accordance with current accounting standards.  Ensuring your accounts are accurate will give you a clear and concise overview of your business giving you control to move your company forward.

Sole Traders:
Knowing how much tax is due for the year is an important part in running a business.  We are able to prepare your profit and loss account, then complete the relevant pages of the self assessment tax return.  Whilst making best use of allowances available, we can ensure the tax payable is not more than it has to be.

Limited Companies:
Running a Limited Company can be strain for small Companies.  We can complete the Company annual return, Company annual accounts, along with other filing requirements with Companies House.  Furthermore we are able to complete your Corporation Tax Return on your behalf, ensuring any additional pages of the return are also completed as necessary. 


For many, the day to day running of your business will leave little time to complete the mundane task of bookkeeping!  We are able to provide support to you, either by way of taking this task out of your hands, or by providing you with accounting software support, giving you the skills to efficiently manage your finances.

VAT returns:

Not only are we able to complete your VAT returns, but we remain up to date with current VAT rules and regulations.  This will ensure you stay compliant at all times.  We will keep track on how things are being managed and are able to advise accordingly.

Payroll services:

Operating a payroll scheme is a necessary task for many businesses.  We are able to manage your payroll efficiently for you, allowing you more time to spend on your business, and ensuring the payroll runs smoothly and on time every pay run.

Tax Rates/Allowances 2017/18 (20167/17)

Personal allowance

Basic rate tax band (20%)

Higher rate tax band (40%)

Additional rate tax band (45%)

Dividend rate: basic rate

Higher rate

Additional rate

Dividend Allowance

Personal savings allowance: Basic

Higher rate allowance

Capital gains tax - Standard rate

Higher rate

Gains on residential property and carried interest

Annual exemption

Class 1 NIC

Ee 12% - Er 13.8%

Ee 2% - Er 13.8%

Class 1A NIC (Benefits)

Class 2 (self employment)

Class 4 (self employment profits)



Employer NIC allowance

Corporation tax


Registration threshold

Mileage allowance

First 10,000 miles per tax year


Capital allowances

Annual Investment Allowance

P&M writing down allowance*

Special rate*

*separate rules for cars

(Correct at time of publishing - not to be relied upon when making financial decisions)