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Oliver Leeder

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Oliver Leeder MAAT

​​​After working for a local Suffolk based accountancy firm for a number of years, I quickly progressed my career by studying to gain accountancy qualifications in my spare time. 

I started my company "Oliver Leeder Accountants Ltd" in 2015, working from the spare room of my semi detached home in Stowmarket.  I then progressed up into my first office within a couple of years.

The business has recently adopted hybrid working to allow for less commuting and reducing our carbon footprint.  We now have receptions in Framlingham and Ipswich as you can see detailed, on our "contact us" page.  My wife, Louise also provides a supporting role in many areas of the business, including book-keeping, admin and general business management.

Sometimes I receive comments that working side by side with my Husband must be quite stressful and that many people would not be able to cope with this arrangement.  I think it helps that Oliver and I were working together when we first met.  This feels like such a natural progression to now be running our own company together.

I have enjoyed my work fitting in around my home life and in the way it has allowed me to manage my time more creatively, adding to a good family/work life balance.  

I was born into an East London council housing estate where I spent my early years.  I moved to the Suffolk countryside around 2005, and it was my love of nature and feeling drawn to the beautiful Suffolk nature reserves, wildlife and greenery which had a great bearing on this choice. 
I have taken steps to elevate my life and have sought out further educational development which combined with a little hard work has allowed us to achieve and maintain our good values and standards. 

About Us:

We are a local Suffolk based company which was established 2015 by Oliver Leeder who is the company owner.  We are a friendly and rapidly growing practice.  Importantly, we always take time to get to know clients, enabling us to relate to you on more of a personal level, providing a tailored and professional service to suit your needs.